How to Disable Command Prompt Windows 10

For someone who expert with DOS, he can do everything through the Command prompt, entering to the system, change the configuration, etc.

To prevent others while use your Window computer  from entering to the command prompt, you can make it disable.

To disable Command prompt in Window 10 the easiest way is through GpEdit (Local Group Policy ditor).
You can also use the Registry editor. But in this post will use  the Local Group Policy editor

How to disable Command prompt using Gpedit:

1. Press Windows + R key (to enter Run), then type gpedit.msc click OK or press Enter.

The Local Group Policy Editor window will appear.
2. Navigate to User Configuration --> Administrative Templates --> System.
3. Double click on Prevent access to the command prompt.

4. In the Prevent access to command prompt window, select Enabled, then click Apply click OK.

Now if you run the command prompt, it will not work and has warning message : The command prompt has been disabled by your administrator,  (see capture below),

To re-enable the Command prompt, do the same step, but in step 4 select Not Configured or Enabled.